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    Vehicle Bridge Decks

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    Rehabilitating an aging bridge that needs a light weight deck strong enough to hold heavy traffic? Have a movable structure that has to accommodate boat traffic or a historical steel truss bridge? We tailor each design to a project's unique requirements and prefabricate light weight, high-strength, corrosion-resistant deck panels. An internal grid of bi-directional shear webs provides superior load distribution for heavy trucks. Take a look at some of our most recent projects such as the swing span bridge in Massachusetts.

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    Project Summaries



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    Summit County Project Gallery
    Summit Co., OH
    Rocks Village Project Gallery
    Rocks Village, MA
    Ottawa, ON
    Washington, DC Project Gallery
    Washington, DC
    7 New Bridge Deck.jpg

    Ottawa, ON

    Michigan City, IN
     Yellowstone, WY

    London, ON 

    4-Deck fully installed

     Sandisfield, MA

    Peevy Landscape - Kim

    Montgomery County, PA

    8-Panel Install

    Hamilton, OH


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