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    • Greene County Ohio Finished Bridge
      Finished Bridge
    • 01-bridge-site-over-RR-tracks.jpg
      Bridge Site Over RR Tracks
    • 02-assembling-steel-truss-sections.jpg
      Assembling Steel Truss Sections
    • 03-neoprene-pads-on-top-of-stringers.jpg
      Neoprene Pads On Top Of Stringers
    • 04-unloading-40ft-by-12ft-deck-panels.jpg
      Unloading 40ft By 12ft Deck Panels
    • 05-Placing-First-FRP-Panel.jpg
      Placing First FRP Panel
    • 06-Placing-Second-FRP-Panel.jpg
      Placing Second FRP Panel
    • 07-All-FRP-Panels-Are-Placed.jpg
      All FRP Panels Are Placed
    • 08-clips-attach-deck-to-beams.jpg
      Clips Attach Deck To Beams
    • 09-adding-enclosure-fencing.jpg
      Adding Enclosure Fencing
    • 10-erection-of-fully-assembled-bridge.jpg
      Erection Of Fully Assembled Bridge

    Fairborn, OH

    Pedestrian Bridge Deck

    The Huffman Prairie Bicycle Path bridge connects Greene County’s extensive bicycle/ pedestrian trail system with Wright Brothers’ historical sites in the Dayton area.  The owner wanted a no‐maintenance deck to reduce annual operating costs.  The bridge was installed in April 2007.

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