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    • 1 - SL - The L shaped fairings are manufactured in Dayton, Ohio.jpg
    • 2 - SL - The fairings are attached to the lift span.jpg
    • 3 - SL - Fairings help make the bridge more aerodynamic (1).jpg
    • 4 - SL - The lift span can raise to allow ships to pass beneath, or lower to allow the train to use the lower deck.jpg
    • 5 - SL- View of the rail underneath.jpg
    • 6 - SL-View of bridge from road.jpg
    • 7 -SL- Bridge in middle position.jpg

    Portsmouth, NH

    Wind Fairings

    Wind fairings improve the aerodynamics of bridges by reducing the effects of strong or damaging winds on the structure. FiberSPAN™ FRP fairing panels enabled engineers to improve the aerodynamics of bridges while minimizing dead load. FRP panels can be molded in any shape or size needed and require minimal maintenance. On the Sarah Long lift span bridge, the installation also provided an internal walkway for lift span inspection. 

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