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IMG_20190926_104414257_HDROur fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) profiles and panels are used for bridges, sidewalks, walkways, boardwalks, maintenance, and emergency access structures. We prefabricate our FRP products for fast, easy installation. The corrosion-resistant material with no-rot attributes guarantees decades of service with little to no maintenance. 

When used in parks and forest settings, aesthetics, and color choices complement site locations in natural surroundings. FRP’s design flexibility means we can engineer any type of access structure you need.

The Creative Composites Group evaluates the application, site limitations, installation techniques, shipping requirements, and budget parameters for a project. This allows us to produce an access structure to specification while minimizing installation labor in the field.  

If you have an existing structure and need to update its walking surface, take a look at our FRP pultruded planking options.  Many rails-to-trails organizations and commercial entities have selected our bridges and planking for its longevity and anti-skid surface which increases safety for users.

We take your project from vision to installation. Need a professional engineer’s seal? No problem, we will provide sealed calculations and submittal drawings specific to your job. Once approved, we can provide sealed shop/fabrication drawings as well. 

Access Structures Product Lines:

Pedestrian Bridges


FRP truss bridges up to 150 feet in length. LEARN MORE >>



Walking surfaces through wet or sensitive environments. LEARN MORE >>



Elevated access to connect facilities and equipment. LEARN MORE >>



Long lasting walking surfaces to mimic and replace wood. LEARN MORE >>

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Creative Composites Group provides a comprehensive range of standard and customized FRP products to meet your project needs. Looking for more information about how we can help bring your project to life? Contact our staff of expert engineers today.

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