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    • 01-Universal-Composite-Submarine-Camel.jpg
      Universal Composite Submarine Camel
    • 02-Lower-Box.jpg
      Lower Box
    • 03-Upper-Box.jpg
      Upper Box
    • 04-Upper-Box-Assembled-on-Lower-Box.jpg
      Upper Box Assembled On Lower Box
    • 06-Front-Box-Lift.jpg
      Front Box Lift
    • 07-Front-Fender-Box.jpg
      Front Fender Box
    • 08-Adhesive-on-Wing-Wall.jpg
      Adhesive On Wing Wall
    • 11-Right-Wing-Wall-Attached.jpg
      Right Wing Wall Attached
    • 13-Top-Cover.jpg
      Top Cover
    • 14-Top-Cover-Lift.jpg
      Top Cover Lift
    • 15-Top-Cover-Placement.jpg
      Top Cover Placement
    • 16--Fully-Assembled-Camels.jpg
      Fully Assembled Camels
    • 17-Lift-of-First-Camel.jpg
      Lift Of First Camel
    • 18-Move-to-Water.jpg
      Move To Water
    • 19-Pier-Side-of-Camel-with-Rub-Strips.jpg
      Pier Side Of Camel With Rub Strips
    • 20-Just-into-Water.jpg
      Just Into Water
    • 21-Interior-Filling-with-Water.jpg
      Interior Filling With Water
    • 22-Camels-in-Water.jpg
      Camels In Water
    • 23-Tug-Transportation.jpg
      Tug Transportation
    • 25-Ready-for-a-Sub.jpg
      Ready For A Sub
    • 26-Sub-Berthing.jpg
      Sub Berthing
    • 27-Sub-Moored.jpg
      Sub Moored

    Pier 3 - Norfolk, Virginia

    Submarine Camel

    The universal composite submarine camel provides the critical performance advantages the US Navy needs for waterfront infrastructure- no maintenance, corrosion resistance, long life cycle and operational efficiency. Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) composite provide all these benefits. Stronger yet lighter weight than traditional materials, composites are the ideal material choice for corrosive environments. Manufactured by Composite Advantage, the universal camel accommodates berthing of all submarine classes.

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