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CHELSEA RAIL PLATFORM CHELSEA, MA-15-RTComposite Railway & Transit Platforms

Our FRP rail platform systems are an advanced replacement for conventional materials, such as steel and concrete, to lengthen the life span of railway transit platforms. CCG composite panels can be custom designed for new projects. Our engineering team can help retrofit existing platforms to replace end-of-life concrete platforms by covering existing infrastructure. Not only do these transit platforms boast a lower total cost of ownership over conventional concrete and steel – they are maintenance free, provide corrosion resistance, and provide customizable engineering specifications for unique applications as well as providing options for textures and colors to enhance safety.

Fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) is becoming the material of choice for rail systems and transit infrastructure for many reasons including: lightweight, prefabricated structures, fast installation, corrosion resistance, low maintenance, and long life. Applications for FRP include platform structures, access structures, stair and railing systems, trackside safety surfaces, and overhead pedestrian walkways and bridges.



Fiber Reinforced Composite Rail Platforms

Our advanced composite panels are created from corrosion-resistant polymers reinforced with glass fibers for engineered strength and stiffness. FRP provide a prefabricated superstructure that can withstand harsh outdoor conditions. While old world materials like concrete can experience significant wear when exposed to deicing chemicals, FRP material can withstand these compounds easily. Reinforced composite rail platforms give transportation agencies a corrosion-resistant structure that can stand up to high foot traffic, all weather conditions and de-icing chemicals.


Railway Station Rehabilitation Using Composite Technology

FRP composite technology continues to be adopted by more transportation agencies because the prefabricated lightweight panels offer tremendous value in rail terminal and railway station rehabilitation applications. Creative Composites Group designs, engineers and manufactures lightweight panels that can be installed quickly so as not to interfere with train schedules or cause downtime. Our FRP platform systems can be installed quickly with light-duty equipment and provide long-lasting service when rehabilitating and covering existing concrete and steel infrastructure.

Rail and Transit Product Lines:


IMG_0894 (003)

Third rail coverboards and tie extensions protect personnel from “live” rails by using lightweight composite profiles that do not conduct electricity. LEARN MORE >>

Fire Resistant Tunnel Solutions

Canarsie finished

Tunnels play an essential role in our day-to-day lives due to their importance in the mass transit and utility industries. However, many are aging, and those built with concrete and steel materials deteriorate in the damp environment. Repairing them is a difficult undertaking and can have a major impact on the lives of public users. For example, the tight spaces and harsh conditions in which they were built make repairs and reinforcement with traditional materials more expensive in terms of time and money. Fortunately, Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) is an excellent alternative to conventional tunnel construction materials.  LEARN MORE >>

Overpass Walkways and Bridge Decking


For overhead access to both sides of the platform and nearby parking, FRP walkway bridges are fast to install. For rehabilitation of existing overpass bridges, FRP decking is safe and maintenance-free. Prefabricated panels minimize construction time over tracks.

Platform Panels

Chelsea Train 1

Large prefabricated FRP panels can stand up to weather, de-icing chemicals and high foot traffic at train stations. These lightweight panels can be installed quickly around train schedules, limiting the inconvenience to commuters. LEARN MORE >>



FRP stair systems are corrosion resistant and maintenance-free. Stair components include non-slip treads and railings. LEARN MORE >>

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