3 Deck Colors

  • Slate Gray 1525 (Fire Retardant)
  • Beige 1625 (Fire Retardant)
  • Olive Green 1500 (Non Fire Retardant)



3 Resin Systems

  • IFR - Standard Isophthalic Polyester Resin (Fire Retardant Gray)
  • VFR - Vinyl Ester Resin (Fire Retardant Beige)
  • I - Standard Polyester Resin (Non Fire Retardant Green)



3 Engineered Connection Systems

  • Hold-down Clamp Connection - Offers Little to no Visibility From the Top of the Deck
  • Beam Clip Connection - Adjustable for Various Thicknesses
  • Hidden Clamp Connection - Best Architectural Option Offers Secure Hold with Zero Visibility

SuperDeck-Lite-Indiana-Side-ViewSuperDeck Lite FRP Decking System Fits Perfectly into Parks

SuperDeck Lite is a Fiber Reinforced Polymer / FRP deck designed for super performance and light weight. It is a corrosion and rot-resistant deck designed for pedestrians, bicycles and emergency vehicles. Designed to be installed in remote areas, such as national parks, SuperDeck Lite is easy to carry, drill and cut since the deck panels are 80 percent lighter than steel. SuperDeck Lite offers an environmentally sustainable solution to treated wood decking materials. 

Environmentally Friendly Deck Material

In the past, many park trail bridges were wooden. However, over time, wood breaks down and loses structural integrity when exposed to the elements making upkeep costly. And unfortunately, treated lumber can leach preservatives into the surrounding environment. Therefore, we developed SuperDeck Lite as an environmentally friendly alternative with the lowest lifetime cost of ownership. SuperDeck Lite is designed to blend in with a natural setting and is available in olive green, slate gray and beige. In addition, our ADA-compliant anti-skid surface enhances safety for those who travel over our composite bridge decks.

Bridge Design Details using H5 & H10 Live Load Specifications 

SuperDeck Lite is engineered to AASHTO H-5 and H-10 standards for uniform live loads and vehicles weighing 10,000 lbs. and 20,000 lbs. respectively. We developed deck attachments for top-down construction or blind-bolted connections. SuperDeck Lite is available in standard isophthalic polyester and vinyl ester resin systems with a fire-retardant option.

SuperDeck-Lite-Kellys-Island-WalkwayFRP Features and Benefits

  • ADA Compliant Traction & Dielectric Strength – Enhances Safety
  • Exceptional Service Life – Lowest Lifetime Cost of Ownership
  • Corrosion & Rot Resistant – Long-Life for Corrosive Applications
  • Environmentally Sustainable – Doesn’t Leach Toxins
  • Outperforms Wood & Steel – 80% Lighter than Steel
  • Fast Installation – Lightweight, Easy to Carry, Drill and Cut
  • Architectural Decking – Offered in Three Natural Colors
  • Manufactured in the USA – ISO 9001:2015 Compliant Facility

SuperDeck Lite Applications

  • H-5 & H-10 Rated Pedestrian Bridges
  • Pedestrian Decks & Walkways
  • Catwalks, Mezzanines, Commercial Decks
  • Sidewalks
  • Commercial Piers
  • Marina Dock Decking

H-5 & H-10 SuperDeck Lite Realization & Validation White Paper

Validation Of CCG’s GR120 SuperDeck Lite For AASHTO H-5 & H-10 Loading

CCG Ebook

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