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Creative Composites Group Introduces Product Upgrades to Combat Extreme Weather, Climate Change

Posted by Creative Composites Group on Sep 27, 2022

New StormStrong® offering engineered for key infrastructure projects that need to exceed standard resiliency specifications

Alum Bank, Pennsylvania, September 27, 2022 – Creative Composites Group, the leading manufacturer of Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) composites, has announced it now offers the option to upgrade utility, waterfront, cooling tower and light pole products with StormStrong technology. This offering provides added resiliency for extreme weather conditions such as hurricane-force winds, blizzards and deep freezes.
CROSS BAY VETERANS MEMORIAL BRIDGE, QUEENS, NY-5-RT (1)Products available for the StormStrong upgrade include pultruded utility poles, utility crossarms, light poles, waterfront sheet piles, waterfront pipe piles and FRP cooling towers. StormStrong products offer resiliency, durability and corrosion resistance for both grid and shoreline hardening and are a sustainable, environmentally friendly solution containing no chemicals or additives that can harm humans or the environment.

“Creating a more reliable power grid and stabilizing shorelines help protect lives and structures while also working to avoid other issues inherent to extreme weather events such as power outages, flooding, wildfires, pier or bridge damage and traffic disruption,” said Dustin Troutman – Corporate Director of Product Development, Creative Composites Group. “These products are corrosion resistant to withstand harsh conditions, in turn helping to strengthen the power grid and control erosion to stabilize shorelines.”

Having StormStrong infrastructure that can withstand damaging storm-related weather events and the increasing impacts of climate change, such as rising sea levels and more extreme weather, saves companies both time and money annually. Additionally, they offer installation efficiencies through the use of lightweight material that is easily transported and enables transport across undeveloped land with limited road access where heavier materials prove challenging and at times, impossible.