Kenway Corporation Earns FRPI Manufacturer Certification

Posted by Composite Advantage on Feb 11, 2021
FRPI Certified

The Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics Institute (FRPI) has awarded Kenway Corporation its SP9000 Laminating Process (“Manufacturer”) Certification for “All Equipment” after performing a quantitative and qualitative audit on over fifty capability areas. This makes Kenway one of only five FRPI-certified manufacturers in the United States.

The scope of Kenway’s manufacturer certification includes all corrosion-resistant chemical-process equipment categories: tanks, vessels, ductwork, and custom pipes. FRPI’s certification recognizes well-qualified manufacturers to help eliminate risk associated with manufacturer performance. FRPI assesses manufacturers once upon initial certification and then annually for renewal.

FRPI-Certified Equipment Installation

Kenway Composites is one of (5) Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics Institute (FRPI) certified equipment fabricators and installers. Kenway is FRPI certified for all types of FRP equipment including tanks and vessels, odor control and air pollution equipment, ductwork and custom pipe and equipment.

The FRPI certification is not merely a “stamp” or “certificate.” It is an all-encompassing (4) step process that begins with the initial design and follows the equipment through installation and commissioning. The job by job audits focuses on verifying Kenway Composites equipment compliance with specifying engineer plans, specifications and reference standards plus engineering calculations and shop drawings prepared by Kenway.

The (4) step process starts with a detailed development and review of plans and specifications. Upon completion, Kenway submits the plans and specifications for the submittal compliance process. Only after acceptance that everything is in order can manufacturing begin. Before shipment and installation, a ridged manufacturing verification process is executed to inspect every critical component and verify construction details. Once complete the equipment ships to the job site for installation and only after an on-site installation inspection by the manufacturer’s engineer, is the equipment allowed to be placed in service.

At every step of the process, FRPI provides third-party verification of every aspect of the project. This verification reduces risks and ensures the customer received what they paid for and designed.

Some benefits to the customer include:
Compliance with precise specifications leading to more reliable and long life equipment
Lowest owning and operating cost for equipment owners
Third party auditing, inspection and performance testing built into equipment costs
Reduced liability exposure for the customer and specifying engineer reviewing submittals and accepting equipment
Lower risk of corrective action cost and consequential damages from errors, omissions, and delays

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