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The genesis of the Creative Composites Group was in 2008 with Creative Pultrusions joining Hill & Smith. As FRP and advanced composites technology continues to gain acceptance for a wide range of applications and markets, H&S and Creative pursued a growth strategy of complimentary manufacturing processes and products. In 2016, the E.T. Tectonics product line of fiberglass bridges was acquired. Kenway Composites, in the spring of 2017, brought filament winding and hand layup processes. Tower Tech joined later in 2017 with its market-leading cooling tower products that use pultruded structures. In 2018, Composite Advantage brought large part infusion molding to the group. Then in 2023, Enduro brought additional diversified fiberglass manufacturing to the group. Each of the CCG manufacturing facilities provide comprehensive capabilities for customers across the US and globally.

Creative Pultrusions 

Alum Bank, Pennsylvania 

Facilities – 160,900 sq. ft.

Manufacturing Technique - Pultrusion

Composite Advantage 

Dayton, Ohio

Facilities – 310,000 sq. ft.

Manufacturing Technique - Vacuum Infusion: Specializing in large structural parts

Enduro Composites

Houston, Texas

Facilities – 120,000 sq. ft.

Manufacturing Technique - Pultrusion, Continuous Lamination, Spray Up, Molding: Compression/Resin Transfer/Open

Kenway Composites 

Augusta, Maine

Facilities – 20,000 sq. ft.

Manufacturing Technique - Filament Winding, Vacuum Infusion, Hand Layup

Tower Tech

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Sales and Customer Service office

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