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Posted by Dustin Troutman on Jul 2, 2024

StormStrong 5G 5.1.21

Here at Creative Composites Group (CCG), we love meeting customer requests with innovative and intentional design. CCG’s StormStrong® pole line includes 10-inch poles to meet market demand for composite telecom poles. These pultruded poles are made from engineered polyester resin reinforced with high-strength, electrical-grade glass fibers to give them exceptional endurance, even in extreme weather, for far longer than conventional poles.

Our FRP's superior makeup means that the material is strong and built to last, withstanding far more for far longer than many conventional materials. StormStrong poles have an expected service life of 80 to 100 years (per ASTM-standard lab testing) and earned a BRE Global cradle-to-gate Environmental Product Declaration, a comparative verification on its lifecycle environmental impact.

FRP poles are also, well… nice-looking! Wood poles start to look haggard as weather, pests, stapled posters and other factors take their toll. Steel can get rusty over the years. Concrete can begin to crumble. But CCG composite poles show little to no signs of aging after years of service life and even after impacts.

StormStrong Data Pole 5.1.26

Case Study: Hoboken, New Jersey, USA

The city of Hoboken, New Jersey, asked Verizon for an attractive alternative to conventional wood telecommunication poles. Verizon had a longstanding, positive relationship with Creative Composites Group and asked if CCG had a solution for Hoboken. CCG’s StormStrong 10-inch FRP poles met Hoboken’s expectations. They didn’t just want a pole that would keep telecoms running; they wanted a pole that would help their community look nice – they wanted to eliminate rusting or rotting poles.

CCG’s performance advantages for this project included:

  • StormStrong technology to harden the telecom grid against even hurricane-force winds
  • Inherent corrosion resistance
  • Doesn’t leach harsh chemicals into groundwater or water supply
  • UV resistance and further aesthetic appeal through the application of customer-specified paint atop a customer-specified pigment in the FRP material itself, masking any scratches

Since the project’s completion in 2019, Hoboken has installed 53 StormStrong poles, has had no complaints and has required only yearly, drive-by inspections. Compare this to their wood telecommunications poles, which often require a set maintenance schedule at taxpayer expense.

A Lasting Alternative

CCG StormStrong telecommunication and utility poles are suitable alternatives to conventional pole materials (wood, concrete and steel) in many geographies and bring significant advantages for longevity, speed of installation and light weight. And because FRP is a manmade material, it can be made into sizes ranging from the 10-inch telecommunications pole to the 18-inch power transmission pole. To discuss FRP for telecommunication installations, contact us.

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