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Posted by Corey Sechler on May 14, 2020

The Benefits of Using FRP Sheet Pile

Engineers and owners are constantly looking for the latest technology to provide solutions for waterfront protection, erosion control, landscaping, and more. Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) materials provide the ideal technology for waterfront application. Whether you need a seawall, bulkhead or retaining wall sheet piling system, FRP sheet piles have 20-years of successful history.

FRP composite sheet piling is a great choice if your project requires high strength to weight ratio, corrosion resistance, low / virtually maintenance-free operation, and product versatility. Creative Pultrusions’ SuperLoc® sheet pile aids engineers, owners, and contractors who are looking for the ideal material for use in almost any infrastructure project. FRP sheet pile walls can be designed for anchored and cantilevered applications.

FRP Sheet Pile Walls

FRP Materials are:

Durable and Affordable

Stitched fabrics, continuous filament mats, E-glass roving’s veils, and UV veils can withstand the toughest conditions. Our composite system includes composite corner connectors, top caps, and walers.


In corrosive environments, while wood is rotting, concrete is spalling, and steel is rusting, FRP is protecting your asset. When properly designed and installed, an FRP wall will last 75+ years based on independent testing and analysis.

Providing Taller Wall Heights

FRP piling has the same benefits as vinyl sheet piling but can achieve taller wall heights. It is more economical to use composites between the 6- and 18-ft wall heights.


By using an attractive graphite grey color, the sheet pile blends perfectly with marine applications while a custom color match color can create that one-in-a-million look for your project.

Compatible with Traditional Equipment

Installation options for FRP sheet pile include vibratory hammers, plate compactors, and other construction methods.

FRP Sheet Pile Walls

FRP offers a wide range of unique benefits — short production and installation time, long-term cost savings, corrosion resistance, and superior longevity. FRP is an ideal material for use in almost any infrastructure project. If you are searching for an alternative to traditional materials (wood, concrete, steel, aluminum, vinyl) for sheet piling, please contact us!

Learn more about SuperLoc®

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Corey Sechler is the Technical Sales Manager of Waterfront Solutions for the Creative Composites Group. He works with customers to develop the best solution using the wide range of FRP composite waterfront products.

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