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Posted by Creative Composites Group on May 16, 2024


CCG has grown again! United Fiberglass of America has joined Creative Composites Group. 2023 was a big year for the CCG family, including the addition of Enduro Composites to grow our geographic reach in the U.S. United Fiberglass will expand CCG’s composite manufacturing capabilities for key infrastructure markets.

Who is United Fiberglass?

United Fiberglass provides durable fiberglass conduit and pipe products to support public utility, transportation, commercial and technology industries. They also offer complete bridge drainage systems that are durable, thermally stable and very lightweight.

Conduit organizes electrical and data cabling and protects them from high temperatures, impacts, water damage and corrosion. The conduit systems are available in standard, heavy and extra-heavy, “bullet-resistant” wall thicknesses. United Fiberglass’s high-performance fiberglass conduit products are produced by winding the material in exacting patterns. Fiberglass conduit is the lightest, most flexible and most durable system for conveying electrical and data cabling. Like other CCG products, United Fiberglass’s process is highly flexible and easily adaptable to create custom specifications efficiently.

Off to a Great Start

Combining companies takes time and effort, but the many wins for United Fiberglass and CCG since the merger show what a great match this is.

United Fiberglass’s high-quality fiber-reinforced products expand CCG’s already expansive composite product offering. And access to the CCG network of sister companies is already benefitting United Fiberglass: A customer wanted UFA products for a project but also needed fiberglass strut product. UFA doesn’t make strut, but fellow CCG company, Enduro Composites, does. UFA quickly connected with colleagues at Enduro and provided a solution for the customer from within the CCG network of companies. The customer got the products they required from their top-choice brand.

UFA’s manufacturing extends CCG’s advanced manufacturing techniques and commitment to American-made products and support and allows all our companies to go to market with the broadest product line. We are so excited to have United Fiberglass join CCG. Read the full news release here.


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