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Posted by Creative Composites Group on Jun 14, 2024

Line now offers additional diameters, builds on portfolio of engineered resilient pole structures 

ALUM BANK, Pennsylvania – Creative Composites Group (CCG), the leading manufacturer of Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) composites, has announced it has launched a full line of utility and telecommunication poles with StormStrong® technology for power transmission, distribution, data and municipal lighting applications. With existing diameters of 10”, 12” and 16” now including 8” for telecommunication and 14” and 18” for transmission, this enables FRP poles to be installed in broader applications while offering more sustainable, resilient solutions.

StormStrong transmission poles are manufactured with a toughened thermoset resin, reinforced with high-strength, electrical-grade e-glass fibersand are engineered for both standard use and grid-hardening applications. These poles are offered in various lengths, ranging from Class 1 through H6. 

StormStrong distribution poles are now offered in lengths up to 80 feet, ranging from Class 10 through 1, and are classified as ANSI 05.1 wood equivalent poles. Diameters now range from 8” up to 18” with a wall thickness ranging from ¼” to ¾”. 

StormStrong poles are now offered in 8” and10” diameter for light pole applications, are available in multiple lengths and are strength rated based on the ANSI 05.1 pole classification and or EPA, weighing just over 10 pounds per foot. Additionally, StormStrong telecommunication poles are offered in an 8” diameter. Both feature hand holes and adaptors for National Electrical Manufacturer Association (NEMA) standard electrical boxes.

“By extending our StormStrong pole products to include additional diameters, we’re able to broaden our offering to transmission and telecommunications customers while also continuing to offer our distribution and light pole customers with the superior strength and resiliency inherent to the StormStrong portfolio,” said Dustin Troutman, Chief Sales Officer, Creative Composites Group. “These products are corrosion resistant to withstand harsh conditions, in turn helping to strengthen the power grid, and are manufactured with fire retardant additives for optimal performance in the event a pole is exposed to fire.”

All poles in the StormStrong portfolio offer added resiliency for extreme weather conditions such as hurricane-force winds, blizzards and deep freezes. They also provide resiliency against rotting, rusting, spalling, and termite and woodpecker damage and will not leach chemicals or additives into the environment. The lightweight composite poles offer installation efficiencies: they are easily transported across undeveloped land with limited road access where heavier materials prove challenging or, at times, impossible.

For more information on Creative Composites Group’s StormStrong poles visit the StormStrong site.

The Creative Composites Group supplies innovative fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composite products for major infrastructure markets. CCG has the design-build and structural fabrication expertise to provide engineered FRP systems and OEM solutions. The Group’s combined team of engineers and technicians have been developing lightweight, durable, cost-effective FRP products for structurally demanding applications and corrosive environments for more than 50 years. Many of these products have paved the way for first-time use of engineered FRP composites for demanding infrastructure markets including: utility & telecom, building products, bridges, waterfront & marine, electrical products, water & wastewater and rail applications because of FRP’s high-performance attributes. CCG is the largest structural composites manufacturer in the U.S.

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