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Bridge Walkways Providing Shared Use Paths

FiberSPAN makes wider, modern walkways possible with minimal effect on vehicle bridges. Our lightweight, fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composite cantilever sidewalk system can be extended off of a vehicle bridge.

Design Options

  • FRP decking can attach to floor beams, stringers, or piers
  • Railing attaches directly to decking
  • Available in any width

FRP panels are 80 percent lighter than reinforced concrete panels. Prefabrication makes construction quicker and installation costs lower. FiberSPAN is resistant to chemical and water corrosion, which means zero maintenance on a structure that will last 75-100 years. These features make FiberSPAN an ideal, cost-effective replacement for existing concrete sidewalks or new bicycle/pedestrian walkways.

antilever-Sidewalks Infographic

What Sets FRP Apart?

  • Lightweight FRP deck construction allows design engineers to tie into existing bridges with minimal increase in structural load.
  • Weighing 80 percent lighter than reinforced concrete panels, FRP decking provides a dead load of just 4 to 9 psf. The engineered FiberSPAN system consists of stringers, deck, and railing that weigh as little as 13 psf
  • Prefabrication accelerates construction, delivers high-quality parts, and reduces installation costs.
  • Safe, ADA compliant walkways are equipped with a non-slip overlay in many color choices.

Need more information?

Creative Composites Group provides a comprehensive range of standard and customized FRP products to meet your project needs. Looking for more information about how we can help bring your project to life? Download our resource, Cantilever Sidewalks & FRP: The Path to Pedestrian Safety on Bridges, or contact our staff of expert engineers today.

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