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Custom Molded Composite Projects

Custom molding can have many meanings, and at CCG, we define it based on the project type and our business relationships. Custom molding projects tend to fall into two categories. Standardized FRP bridge systemswaterfront infrastructure and rail applications (to name a few) comprise one group. The other group is reserved for custom products we make that are not on our website because these projects are proprietary to our customers.

Most of our customers are experts in their systems, solutions, and services and then they take advantage of our Design-Build expertise to supply the detailed composite parts that make their systems superb. We provide a wide range of composite manufacturing processes and the know-how to help customers match the right process with the right part. Our experience has been that companies find the most value in our capability to design and build the parts they need. We can create a composite system that works for the customer with just a concept and performance requirements.

The typical approach includes concept, design, prototype, testing, initial production run and long-term production. In some instances, the customer owns the tooling and the design; sometimes the manufacturer does. It depends on the business arrangement that works best for both parties. The more complicated the part and the more rigid the requirements, the more value we deliver. We have supplied custom parts up to 100 feet and up to 30,000 pounds. Quantities include short runs and high-volume jobs and pretty much anything in between. The vacuum infusion molding process is the most economical for very large parts in small to medium quantities.

Vertically Integrated Composites Engineering & Manufacturing

Our open molding expertise enables us to build corrosion-resistant components for many challenging applications in multiple industries. We design optimum solutions using all methods of open contact molding, including hand layup and filament winding. We filament wind cylindrical shapes for small to large quantities and use hand layup for a diverse range of shapes and sizes in small to medium quantities. 

Engineering & Design for Custom Molding

We are strategically positioned to serve our customers by offering complete engineering and design capabilities, including CAD drawings generated in AutoCAD, Solid Works, and Finite Element Analysis assessment. We bring standard items and "one-off" specially molded fabrications from the design phase, through the manufacturing phase, to the final on-site installation at the customer's facility. Our personnel is intimately familiar with the latest industry standards and corrosion studies. They can expertly advise our customers on the proper solution to their problem, even if that means using a different material supplied by another company.

Working with a supplier with advanced materials design and manufacturing experience is essential for companies interested in the benefits of FRP composites, such as lightweight, corrosion resistance, long life, non-conductivity and design flexibility in a custom(er) specific molded part. Contact us today. We would love to talk with you about how we can custom mold products that will make your projects successful.

Your Technical and Commercial Support Resource for New Product Development

CCG provides a comprehensive range of design and build services for customers who need OEM concept development and design for manufacturing of FRP products. We can help you prototype, test and bring your product to market. Contact our staff of expert engineers today!

To discuss your project requirements with one of our team members, request a quote.

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