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OEM Manufacturing Capabilities


Creative Composites Group utilizes advanced manufacturing techniques and technologies to produce lightweight, resilient and corrosion-resistant engineered composites. In addition to our standard Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) products for infrastructure projects, we also offer engineering, design and manufacturing for OEM products. Our vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities support customers who require pultrusion, molded or filament wound parts for their products and systems. The CCG manufacturing divisions have locations throughout the Northeast and the Midwest with full capabilities to produce composites using the optimum manufacturing style for our customers' needs. Our manufacturing capabilities include pultrusion, molding, vacuum infusion, hand-layup and filament winding.

Our FRP composite parts demonstrate exceptional durability, excellent strength-to-weight ratio and broad design flexibility, all of which help OEM products and systems operate effectively and efficiently. Whether a customer provides detailed build-to-print drawings or takes advantage of our design and build capabilities, our experts can turn their ideas into reality.

What Are OEMs?

The term original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is generally used in reference to a company that manufactures parts or products purchased by another company and sold under that company's branding. However, in the composites supply industry, OEM takes on a second meaning – it is typically used to refer to customers who require fiber-reinforced composite manufacturing for their products and systems on an ongoing basis across multiple months, years or decades.

Why Are OEM Parts Better?

Our OEM parts are designed and manufactured specifically to make your system and products work best for your customers. We work directly with your product designers and engineering personnel to help you lower manufacturing costs through economies of scale. CCG manufactures parts to stringent quality standards under our ISO 9001 certification.

Why Partner With the Creative Composites Group?

Creative Composites Group consists of multiple manufacturing sites. This vertically integrated manufacturing approach allows us to work together to provide custom manufactured composite products for structural FRP applications.

OEM partners choose CCG for the following custom FRP capabilities:

  • Extensive design and build expertise - Our engineering team is ready and willing to help customers create the exact pultruded or molded components they need for their product or system.
  • Wide range of manufacturing capabilities - We are the largest vertically integrated manufacturer of structural composites in the US, which allows us to produce best-in-class parts and products that meet and/or exceed customer requirements.
  • Lifetime tooling guarantee - We ensure all tooling remains in optimal condition, so customers do not have to worry about paying for repairs.
  • Aftermarket Support - After manufacturing your custom parts, we have a dedicated field services specialist who can service and repair your composites on-site. We ensure each installation gets maintained as needed, when, or if needed.

If you’re looking for an OEM partner, request a quote today. One of our experts will get back to you to discuss how we can create custom molded parts for your product or system.

Your Technical and Commercial Support Resource for New Product Development

CCG provides a comprehensive range of design and build services for customers who need OEM concept development and design for manufacturing of FRP products. We can help you prototype, test and bring your product to market. Contact our staff of expert engineers today!

To discuss your project requirements with one of our team members, request a quote.

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