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industrial-corrosionFRP Products for Industrial Corrosion

Corrosion is a serious challenge for industries that use water and chemicals. Harsh and acidic environments wreak havoc on traditional materials like metal which can endanger a structure’s stability. Fiber reinforced polymers (FRP) have the durability abrasion resistance to outperform conventional materials in corrosive environments. FRP also provides a higher strength material when compared to most metals. Choosing FRP over traditional materials means eliminating costly downtime and repairs.

FRP is often used for piping, tanks, scrubbers, custom equipment and many other vessels. Our FRP products can be found in facilities ranging from wastewater treatment and pulp and paper mills to chemical processing and power plants. To get the longest life possible from your tanks and pipes, preventive maintenance is crucial. Our field service expertise allows us to provide equipment repairs to existing structures weakened by corrosion!

Industrial Corrosion Product Lines:

Fiberglass Dampers


We provide FRP flow control dampers and FRP isolation dampers for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. Manual and mechanical actuator systems are available. LEARN MORE >>



Every piping system should be engineered and manufactured for its specific application. CCG works with customers to identify critical design issues in their system and custom fabricate pipe and components accordingly. LEARN MORE >> 

Scrubbers & Absorbers


CCG's ability to customize the laminate on a case-by-case basis means that each customer receives the vessel best suited for their specific application. Our engineers design per the relevant ASTM and ASME RTP-1 standards and are particularly skilled at coordinating site installations. LEARN MORE >>


FRP Tank

Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) tanks and process vessels have been the standard material choice for years for any industry using strong chemicals for producing their products. LEARN MORE >>

Tank Covers


CCG specializes in tank covers for a variety of industrial and commercial applications. We design fiberglass tank covers suitable for any loading requirements such as climate loading, snow, and wind to seismic requirements. LEARN MORE >>

Towers & Stacks


Our fabrication capabilities are built around meeting each customer’s specific requirements for towers and stacks by our design/build approach. LEARN MORE >>

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Creative Composites Group provides a comprehensive range of standard and customized FRP products to meet your project needs. Looking for more information about how we can help bring your project to life? Contact our staff of expert engineers today.

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