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CCG's FiberSpan™ Platforms are the Industry Leading Composite Panels for Mass Transit

FiberSpan Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) composite panels are created from corrosion-resistant polymers reinforced with glass fibers for strength and stiffness. FRP panels provide a prefabricated, corrosion-resistant superstructure that can withstand harsh outdoor conditions, chemical exposure and heavy traffic. In addition to providing exceptional structural reliability and strength, FRP double tee panels are fire-resistant, consistent with NFPA 130 and ASTM E-84 Class 1 standards.

The Double Tee panel offers a lightweight, durable solution for structural projects such as bridge decks, rail platforms and bridge sidewalks needing to carry high loads over long spans. The fast installation of large surface area has made FRP Double Tee the preferred panel for rail platforms.


FRP Double Tee Rail Platform Construction

A double tee is a load-bearing structural component that looks like two T-beams next to each other. It consists of two vertical legs, also known as stems or webs, and a horizontal piece called the flange along the deck. The flange and webs are integrally molded for an exceptionally reliable structure capable of supporting heavy loads.

Precast concrete double tees have been used in the construction industry for more than 50 years, due to the stability of the design. FRP double tees are designed using the same model, but with much lighter FRP material that’s easier to mold, transport and install. In fact, FRP double tees are approximately 80% lighter than their precast concrete counterparts, with a weight of 15–22 pounds per square foot (psf) versus concrete's hefty 120-130 psf.

Since they were developed in 2008, Creative Composite Group’s FRP double tee panels have been used in a broad range of structurally critical applications, including road bridges and pedestrian bridges. As the FRP technology advances, the prefabricated lightweight panels offer great value in rail platform rehabilitation applications and new construction since the panels can be quickly installed around train schedules.

FRP Double Tee Panel Advantages

Fiber-reinforced plastic offers numerous advantages over traditional  infrastructure materials, including:

• Strong and Lightweight - FRP is significantly lighter than concrete and other structural materials while maintaining exceptional load-bearing capabilities and tolerance for heavy traffic.

• Single-Piece Construction - FRP decks and stems are molded in one solid piece, which ensures their structural integrity.

• Fast Installation - The single-piece construction and lightweight characteristics make FRP tee panels easy to install, thereby reducing installation time, labor and effect on platform usage.

Design Flexibility

FRP double tee stems can be customized to meet specific size requirements, so they can be full length or transition, similar to dapped end beams for traditional concrete double tees. In addition, designs can be modified for easy integration into existing structures and specialized triple tees can be manufactured for applications with depth restrictions.

Functional Features

In addition to FRP's material advantages, CCG offers a variety of features, including crown or cross-slope surfaces, non-slip polymer overlay, warning tactiles at platform edges, curbs, embedded attachment points, drain scuppers and notch-outs for supplemental structures. Our customizable double tee panels offer tailored design and easy installation for both existing and new structures.

Superior Span Strength

FRP panels are capable of spanning support piers up to 50 feet apart while retaining structural integrity and load-bearing capabilities.

Exceptional Durability

FRP material is extremely resistant to corrosion, chemicals and harsh environmental conditions. While concrete can experience significant wear if it’s exposed to deicing chemicals, FRP material can withstand these compounds easily, making it ideal for using on platforms and walkways.

Cost-Effective Installation and Maintenance

FRP is significantly less expensive to mold, transport and install compared to concrete and other structural materials. Since it’s exceptionally durable and corrosion-resistant, it’s also significantly less expensive to maintain and requires fewer repairs than traditional concrete and steel structural


FRP materials are manufactured to meet NFPA 130 & ASTM E-84 Class 1 standards for fire-resistance.

FRP Double Tee Panels by the Creative Composites Group

Whether you need tee panels for a new pedestrian bridge decks and sidewalks or large railway platform, CCG has the in-house design and fabrication you need for your upcoming project. We are dedicated to providing high-quality, cost-effective infrastructure solutions to meet even the most challenging specifications. Our highly knowledgeable and experienced team of designers, engineers, and manufacturers are available to help you determine the ideal design, material, and integration process for your application.

To learn more about CCG's FRP double tee panels and other structural solutions, visit our resource center for technical information packages, view our product summary sheet, or contact our team today.

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