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ANNADALE RAIL PLATFORM STATEN ISLAND, NYC-1-RTWhen looking for high strength, lightweight, corrosion-resistant panels for mass transit rail platforms, the basic panel is an FRP slab panel. The panels install quickly with light-duty equipment and provide long-lasting durability even when deicing chemicals are constantly used. Panels are 80% lighter than concrete, but high strength.

Slab platform panels are typically used on support stringers that are parallel to the track. Panels are the width of the platform; with lengths selected for construction ease. There are two slab panel options.

For platform panels with constant cross-sections and support spans to eight (8) feet, the Superdeck Mass Transit Deck (GR250) was engineered specifically for speedy installations. Pultruded profiles are bonded together to create the panel.

For platform panels desiring customized design features, the FiberSPAN panel is used on support spans to fifteen (15) feet. This molded panel has crowns or cross-slopes, curbs, drainage scuppers, and attachment points for railings and equipment.

All FRP platform panels include a non-slip surface, warning tactiles, and rub rails.

When platform panels need to span greater than 15 feet, then the FRP Double Tee product is ideal.


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