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Designed for Pedestrian, Bicycle, Equestrian and Golf Cart Traffic 

Creative Composites Group designs and manufactures composite pedestrian bridges and boardwalks for pedestrian infrastructure. We manufacture bridges, boardwalks, walkways and planking. Our product line is prefabricated for quick and simple installation and is made using corrosion-resistant materials that guarantee years of problem-free use. Our access structures are high-strength while being lightweight, featuring a higher tensile strength than structural steel while weighing 80% less. 

Advantages of Using Composites for Pedestrian Bridge Projects

Fiberglass-Reinforced Polymer "FRP" is an ideal composite building material for pedestrian bridge and boardwalk projects due to several reasons. For example, composite structures are easy to transport and install, even in remote areas, due to their lightweight nature. Even large structures can be moved and assembled easily without the need for heavy machinery. This allows for installation that doesn't damage natural surroundings and also has a low carbon footprint. 

Despite their lightweight nature, composites are a very sturdy and reliable building material. Its strength allows it to withstand decades of heavy traffic without any weakness developing in the structure. Unlike other building materials such as aluminum, steel or wood, our composites cannot rot or corrode. It requires little to no maintenance, which contributes to significant long-term savings.

Composites are eco-friendly as they do not leach any chemicals into the environment. All the structures manufactured at Creative Composites Group are pre-engineered to industry standards. We evaluate site limitations and installation techniques to minimize required installation labor. Our composite bridge systems can be easily engineered to meet nearly any design requirements and are produced and installed quickly. 

Architectural Composites for Pedestrian Infrastructure

Due to its many advantages, FRP composites make an excellent building material for many applications including pedestrian infrastructure like bridges and boardwalks. At Creative Composites Group, we work with our customers to make any architectural design a reality. Our engineers create solutions tailored to the specifications of any project, and we also stock standard pultruded profiles and designs  to choose from.

Pedestrian Bridge & Boardwalk Product Lines:



Another access structure CCG designs are fiberglass boardwalks. FRP boardwalks are exceptionally strong and require no maintenance. They are ideal for applications with pre-existing structural support systems. We have several options for decking and curbing, including fiberglass, pressure-treated wood, and recycled plastic wood.

An optional lightweight truss system is also available, depending on the boardwalk's size and railing requirements. Our boardwalks are the lightest structural system available on the market. They can be shipped as preassembled units or individual components. Both options allow for quick and simple on-site assembly, even by untrained volunteers, without the use of special equipment.


Decking & Planking


FRP decking and planking are anti-slip, fire retardant, and ADA compliant. They are also a safety-conscious choice compared to timber, steel, plastic, or concrete alternatives. FRP decking and planking save money compared to traditional decking, as they provide a longer service life and require minimal maintenance. CCG decking and planking can be used in several applications, such as pedestrian bridges, cover, platforms, access structures, maintenance vehicle loading areas, and more.


Pedestrian Access Structures

ET Techtonics Dunewalk

Whether an access structure is to go in a park, across a body of water, or around an office building, the shape needs to mesh with the surroundings while still allowing safe passage for the expected level of traffic. Whatever the final form ends up being, an FRP structure is easily customizable to fit both physically and aesthetically.


Pedestrian Bridges


Fiberglass-reinforced polymer bridges are suitable for nearly any pedestrian application, including bike or equestrian traffic. They are lightweight, low maintenance, and will not leach chemicals into the environment. They also have a lower carbon footprint than steel or aluminum bridges. Our bridges have long-lasting beauty and easily blend into the natural environment around them.

E.T. Techtonics at Creative Composites Group creates custom bridge designs, and we also have a wide selection of standard products to choose from. Our fiberglass bridges are sturdy and reliable and can be delivered in easy to assemble kits. We design with the end location in mind: all of our bridges can be easily transported to remote areas such as hiking trails or parks. CCG bridges are simple for non-professionals to assemble. Typically, only simple hand tools are required, and all products come with detailed instructions.




CCG designs walkways for many applications and industries, such as ship ladders, equipment platforms, suspended catwalks, raised walkways, mezzanines, and more. Fiberglass walkways are corrosion-resistant, non-conductive, easy to install, and low maintenance. Our walkways are engineered to meet clients' exact structural requirements and provide a long service life.


Need more information?

Creative Composites Group has been offering specialized design and build solutions for over 50 years. Whether you need an individual molded part or a long-term production, we have the experience and technology to deliver the products you need. We handle everything from design to on-site installation of any FRP product. If you have an application that would benefit from an FRP access structure, contact our staff or request a quote to learn more about how Creative Composites Group can help.

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