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Ameriboard-03esComposite FRP Planking

Composite FRP planking is designed to replace timber, steel, concrete and standard plastic decking when safety, anti-slip, ADA compliance, corrosion resistance, lightweight, fire retardancy and speed of installation attributes are at the top of your needs list. Ideal commercial applications include pedestrian bridges, pedestrian access structures, boardwalks, docks, marinas and platforms.

Our planking is designed to replace traditional decking, while greatly reducing life cycle costs through longer service life and minimal maintenance. We offer different types of planking to fit most access applications with typical loading requirements including pedestrian foot traffic, ATV, and maintenance vehicle loadings.

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CCG Planking Products:



Superplank® & Flowgrip® products are both pultruded as a single profile. As a result, the top surface and legs are integral to the part. The constant cross-section panels offer a unique tongue and groove joint that lock the panels together, eliminating vertical movement mechanically. SuperPlank® GR 205 profiles are 24 inch wide and 1.5 inch high.

Flowgrip® GR 202 profiles are 19.685 inch wide and 1.575 inch high.

The Flowgrip version features a slightly higher bending capacity.  Both products are available with slots for light penetration and water drainage to areas below the flooring.  Learn More >>



tufdek2bw (1)Tuf-dek™ is an economical fiberglass decking profile that offers superior stiffness compared to other FRP decking products. The fiberglass deck section is 12" wide by 2-1/8" high. Learn More >>



Heavy Duty Plank was developed to replace deteriorating wood and to eliminate the traditional deck replacement maintenance cycle.  It is a single pultruded profile with tee stiffening legs for increased bending capacity.  Our Heavy Duty Plank measures 10.25” wide x 1.88” high and is available with or without an anti-skid overlay. Learn More >>

AMERIBOARD Fiberglass Plank (FG 1203)


The AMERIBOARD Fiberglass plank has been designed for exceptional performance in harsh corrosive environments. The high strength FRP decking exhibits a bending strength greater than that of steel with nearly twice the stiffness of a standard pultruded plank. The AMERIBOARD FIBERGLASS PLANK features an integrated wearing surface that is formed during the pultrusion process. The integral wearing surface reduces the plank weight by eliminating the need for a secondary applied antiskid surface. Learn More >>

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