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DSC_0028We provide an extensive array of FRP flooring, decking, and planking products. The pultruded fiberglass applications range from walkway access planks, facility flooring to heavy duty industrial structures. The high strength, lightweight, corrosion resistant profiles are manufactured to stringent ASTM standards and are available with anti-skid wearing surfaces to meet your requirements.

To help select the FRP FLOORING AND DECKING PROFILE that is best for your application, this list shows profiles in increasing levels of structural properties and bending performance.  Or reach out to one our sales representatives to help find the perfect profile.



Decking GR100 is pultruded as a single profile in which top surface legs are integral to the part. The profile geometry allows for flat head screws to be used for securing the decking structure. The 24” wide x 1.5” high decking panel is available with or without an antiskid surface.  This decking is ideal for pedestrian traffic and meets the requirements of the ADA. LEARN MORE >>



Superplank® & Flowgrip® products are both pultruded as a single profile. As a result, the top surface and legs are integral to the part. The constant cross-section flooring panels offer a unique tongue and groove joint for the reason that it allows the panels to lock eliminating vertical movement mechanically. Most noteworthy, this unique feature reduces the number of fasteners and subsequently, eliminates trip hazards that plague other flooring products without the interlock feature. Profile sections are available in 19” and 24” wide panels and can be designed with or without perforations. The Flowgrip version feature slightly higher bending capacity.  Both products are available with slots for light penetration and water drainage to areas below the flooring.  Typical open area is 12%. LEARN MORE >>



Tuf-dek™ is an economical fiberglass decking profile that offers superior stiffness compared to other FRP decking products. The fiberglass deck section is 12" wide by 2-1/8" high and works great for applications including, ADA ramps, weirs, baffle walls and tank covers. LEARN MORE >>


Heavy Duty Plank

Heavy Duty Plank is a single pultruded profile so therefore, the top surface and legs are integral to the part. The heavy-duty profile was developed to replace deteriorating wood on low boy trailers and, in addition, to eliminate the traditional deck replacement maintenance cycle. Our Heavy Duty Plank measures 10.25” wide x 1.88” high and is available with our without antiskid. LEARN MORE >>

AMERIBOARD Fiberglass Plank (FG 1203)


The lightweight AMERIBOARD FIBERGLASS pultruded fiberglass decking plank has been designed for exceptional performance in harsh corrosive environments. The high strength FRP decking exhibits a bending strength greater than that of steel with nearly twice the stiffness of a standard pultruded plank. The Ameriboard high strength FRP decking will span further and hold greater loads than ordinary pultruded FRP deck planks. The AMERIBOARD FIBERGLASS PLANK features an integrated wearing surface that is formed during the pultrusion process. The integral wearing surface reduces the plank weight by eliminating the need for a secondary applied antiskid surface. LEARN MORE >>

SUPERPANEL (CP150 and PA004)


Superpanel is an ideal candidate for wall panel and decking applications! Superpanel deck and wall panel profiles are multi-cellular profiles because they can be foam filled for added thermal properties. Secondly, Superpanel was designed for heavy vehicular traffic and in contrast, for a walkway deck with limited support beams. The unique connection system can be bonded together to form a composite connection that will not allow water to penetrate the deck. Finally, this panel can take vehicular and commercial traffic and is available with commercial or pedestrian antiskid. LEARN MORE >>


Bothwell Scaffolding

The Bothwell Composite Plank System is an easy-to-use scaffolding plank system designed for quick installation. It is compatible with existing frames and bracing used throughout the scaffolding industry worldwide and brings revolutionary features and benefits. LEARN MORE >>

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