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Ameriboard-04 (2)The lightweight AMERIBOARD FIBERGLASS (FG) 1203 pultruded fiberglass decking plank has been designed for exceptional performance in harsh corrosive environments. Exhibiting a bending strength greater than that of steel with nearly twice the stiffness of a typical pultruded plank, this high strength FRP decking will span further and hold greater loads than ordinary pultruded FRP deck planks.

The AMERIBOARD FIBERGLASS (FG) 1203 PLANK features an integrated wearing surface that is formed during the pultrusion process. The integral wearing surface reduces the plank weight by eliminating the need for a secondary applied antiskid surface. The AMERIBOARD plank system has been designed for ultimate strength and stiffness. In fact, it was designed to replace 2.5-inch; thick solid timber decking.

Features and Benefits
  • Corrosion Resistant - Ideal for highly corrosive applications
  • Environmentally Sensitive - Leaches no toxins
  • Lightweight - 80% lighter than steel
  • Excellent Dielectric Strength - Enhances worker safety
  • Exceptional Service Life - Greatest life cycle cost-benefit
  • Manufactured in the USA in an ISO 9001:2015 compliant facility
  • Exceptional Strength and Stiffness - Span further and carry higher loads
  • Speed of Installation - Easy to carry, drill, and cut in the field

  • Access Platform Decking
  • Beach Crossovers & Walkways
  • Dock Decking
  • Industrial Walkways
  • Nature Boardwalks
  • Rails to Trails Decking
  • Stair Steps
  • Water Parks & Gangways
  • Wood Deck Replacement
  • Odor Control Tank Covers
  • Permanent Concrete Formwork


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