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Pultruded Trench Grate

FRP Trench Grating & Trench Covers

Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) trench covers are custom designed specifically for your trench application. Our customers prefer the FRP grates over steel grates due to the lightweight and corrosion resistance features.

The water ingress openings can be custom designed for your application and flow rate and code requirements. The hold-down requirements can be custom designed based on your trench type. The top surface features an integrated texture that meets ADA and OSHA slip requirements. Resin options include our standard Pultex® polyester (1500), fire retardant polyester (1525), and fire-retardant vinyl ester (1625).

Advantages of Composite Trench Covers or Grating

There are many advantages to choosing composite trench gratings over alternative trench cover systems, such as:

  • Uniform construction: The pultrusion process allows fiberglass covers to be fabricated with uniform consistency, which results in enhanced strength, sturdiness and load distribution. Due to their bidirectional load-bearing design, pultruded grating systems can also handle much higher loads than other grating materials.
  • Impact, Corrosion and UV Resistance: Fiberglass grating provides excellent resistance to corrosion, UV light, impacts and environmental stresses. These qualities also make them easier to maintain and allow them to perform reliably for years, even in high-load applications and extreme environments.
  • Improved Water Management: FRP is the preferred material over steel for water management due to its non-corrosive properties. Because FRP doesn't rust the grating lasts longer and is better for the environment down stream.
  • Reduced Weight: Fiberglass grating systems are significantly lighter in weight than their concrete and steel counterparts, making them easier and consequently, less expensive to install. The use, installation and care of fiberglass trench gratings more manageable due to it's low weight and maintenance free characteristics, which helps reduce worker fatigue.

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