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SUPERArmor FRP Ballistic Panels were developed to help protect human life! Given the life-and-death importance of this application, the challenge is finding the supplier that specializes in a particular product that you need. In the ballistic protection world, our specialty is Level 3. The lightweight ballistic panels weigh five psf and are rated for UL752 level three threats.

The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) establishes the ballistic levels. The simple way to summarize Level 3 ballistic protection is that it will stop small arms threats like .9 mm, .357, and.44 mag handguns. Fiberglass laminated panels are the best protection for these threats. As the bullet hits the panel, the fiberglass layers separate or delaminate, causing the energy to dissipate and stop the penetration of the bullet. The round does not reach the target that you are trying to protect.

We supply SUPERArmor FRP Ballistic Panels certified to Level 3 per UL 752 testing. Panels are competitively priced in 4-foot by 8-foot panel sizes. These panels provide protection against small arms, shotgun fire, and fragmentation from an explosion. The panels are used extensively in courtrooms, police stations, government buildings, and banks around the world.

Ballistic panels are immediately available from current inventory, so there are no supply chain issues that occur with global health problems.

Download our SUPERArmor FRP Ballistic Panel data sheet.

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