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Architectural FRP SuperPanel™ for Walls

CT066 Composite Wall Panels

Wall panels operating in a corrosive environment and requiring low maintenance are fabricated using pultruded FRP profiles. There are a range of profiles available to meet performance requirements. The most popular profile for wall applications is the SuperPanel CT066 wall panel. It was designed for structural walls and architectural applications. This panel has been used extensively for the construction of cooling towers. It has also been used for shelters, industrial buildings and dry kilns, among many other applications.

The SuperPanel CT066 wall panel is available as a lightweight profile that is 24” wide by 1.25” in depth and joined together using integral tongue and groove edges. SuperPanels are multi-cellular profiles that can be foam filled for added thermal properties. The panels are essentially non-conductive, making them valuable when working around electricity or heat.

Many of our customers have discovered that our fiberglass wall panels reduce their installation time, eliminate future replacement costs, and reduce maintenance costs over time. Some customers have seen a reduction in project completion costs due to ease of installation.


Cooling Water Deck FRP Wall Panels
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Wall Panel
Ballast Wall Panel

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