FireStrong Pole Drill Square 5DM31645

FireStrong™ Self-Monitoring Composite Pole Systems

Fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) is often used as an alternative construction material for utility poles. While the composites offer some degree of inherent fire-retardant properties that protect the structure from fire damage, composite fire-resistant poles can be added to protect your grid from the excessive heat generated by typical brush/grass fires. FireStrong utility poles maintain their structural integrity after a fire, so they can be kept in service. In addition, the integration of an irreversible temperature monitoring system helps utility workers determine whether pole strength retention was successful.

Benefits of Fire-Resistant FRP Poles

FRP utility poles are engineered to last up 75 years in some of the harshest environments with little to no maintenance. Adding fire-resistant poles further increases their durability and longevity in fire-prone areas. As a result, poles will be less susceptible to damage and degradation caused by the heat from a fire.

FireStrong Power Pole Benefits:

1. Electric Utility Grid Resiliency
2. Lowest Total Cost of Ownership for Utility Companies

The key benefits of non-combustible FireStrong poles are ignition prevention, increased grid resiliency and cost savings. For example, if and when a fire occurs, a grid protected by FireStrong power poles will be less likely to experience a failure. As a result, they will not need to be removed and replaced, meaning utility companies will not need to invest time and money into performing these operations, and end customers will not need to suffer through grid downtime.

Fire Testing

A third-party testing agency tested the poles by simulating a chaparral wildfire. CCG's FireStrong poles withstood three minutes at 2,100 degrees and retained 100 percent of their design strength. FireStrong poles are also classified as self-extinguishing per UL94 with a V0 rating.

Why Integrate a Temperature Monitoring System in Utility Poles?

FireStrong poles ship with an irreversible temperature monitoring system that is placed against the FRP pole. The system is engineered to continuously monitor the temperature experienced by the pole and permanently record the highest temperature measured on its surface. During post-fire inspections, utility workers can compare this measurement to a temperature vs. strength retention chart for the particular type of FRP pole to evaluate whether the utility pole has to be replaced. This step helps shorten the amount of time required for inspections without sacrificing the quality of the results.



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