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StormStrong® FRP Distribution Poles

CCG provides pultruded composite utility poles, custom fabricated to meet your strength and stiffness requirements. We offer FRP composite distribution poles ranging from Class 10 through 1, up to 80 feet in length, and FRP transmission poles from Class 1 through H6, in various lengths. The distribution poles are classified as ANSI O5.1 wood equivalent poles. StormStrong composite poles play a vital role in storm hardening strategies where high winds demand grid resilience.

Unlike wood poles, the StormStrong FRP distribution poles are an engineered product with a low coefficient of variation. Our pultruded utility poles feature high reliability when compared to traditionally treated wood poles. In fact, the National Electric Safety Code (NESC 2012) recognizes FRP composite distribution poles as having the same reliability as steel poles.

Custom Fiberglass Composite Distribution Poles

Most customers choose our StormStrong poles over wood, steel or concrete poles for applications where lightweight, limited access and corrosion resistance are important. Our distribution poles are pultruded using an engineered fiber and resin, ensuring that your distribution poles will not rot, rust, spall or succumb to termites or woodpeckers. StormStrong fiberglass poles will not leach chemicals into the environment, nor do they contain chemicals or additives (like Penta) that could be detrimental to human contact.

FRP is the Best Alternative to Wood Utility Poles

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Although much newer than wood, FRP utility poles are a mature product based on advanced technology, backed by decades of data on its success and reliability as well as storm and grid hardening. FRP poles are more available than wood utility poles and should be considered superior to wood for many other reasons. StormStrong utility and telecommunication products offer superior strength and resiliency as well as the ability to be produced sustainably on-demand with shorter delivery times.

StormStrong Distribution Pole Benefits

  • Grid Resilience – Holds up to Extreme Weather with Superior Deflection
  • High Dielectric Strength – Enhances Safety
  • Long Service Life – Lowest Lifetime Cost of Ownership
  • Advanced UV Protection – In-Mold Coating Extends Life of Product
  • Corrosion, Rot and Pest Resistant – FRP is Becoming the Go-To Material for Most Applications
  • Environmentally Sustainable – Doesn’t Leach Toxins into Groundwater
  • Fast Installation – Lightweight, Easy to Carry, Drill and Cut
  • Architectural Beauty – Best Looking Poles on the Market
  • Outperforms Wood & Steel – 200% Stronger than Wood & 80% Lighter than Steel
  • Environmental Product Declaration – Global Certification
  • Manufactured in the USA – ISO 9001:2015 Compliant Facility
Distribution Pole Safety and environmental Product declaration

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StormStrong poles have achieved a cradle-to-gate Environment Product Declaration (EPD) from BRE Global. The parameters of this cradle-to-gate EPD include primary energy use as well as resource use including, materials, fuels and water.

Composite distribution poles are one of the safest and poles for utilities to transport, install and maintain due to the lightweight properties of FRP. The lighter weight of FRP allows for ease of handling and installation. According to (OSHA Standard 65997-17-3) dust from cutting FRP utility poles does not present a health hazard. The particles produced when drilling or cutting FRP are too large to cause respiratory problems for utility workers.

CCG supports our customers with decades of industry knowledge and a commitment to aftermarket support. We have a range of videos and resources designed to support the utility industry with educational information to help transition to advanced materials for grid infrastructure.

Distribution Pole Modeling & Structural Analysis

Our StormStrong composite poles can be modeled within O-Calc Pro. O-Calc Pro is a structural analysis software tool. Interested in designing your next FRP utility pole or crossarm with O-Calc Pro, learn more at: Osmose.com/O-CalcPro

For a complete list of available hardware and part numbers please refer to the Hardware and Accessories Catalog

Composite Utility Pole Resources:

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StormStrong Poles are the Industry Leader for Electric & Telecom Grid Infrastructure

Looking for highly engineered products for utility, telecom and light poles? CCG has a comprehensive line of poles for every application. To learn more about our transmission, distribution, telecommunications and lighting poles contact us today to discuss your product requirements with a CCG representative or request a quote.

CCG Storm Strong Composite Pole

StormStrong T&D, Telecom & Light Pole Brochure

See our comprehensive line of poles and specifications engineered for the future of infrastructure.


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