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Pumpout Floats

Uncomplicated pumpout floats can be used as a stand-alone system or added to an existing dock system.

The Harbor Dock is a clean, green, pumpout machine. The floating pumpout stations are equipped with up to a 1,000-gallon holding tank and pump systems by Keco®. Each unit has a stable working platform due to the catamaran design, transports easily into water, is environmentally friendly, and the fiberglass laminate is durable and will outlast all other conventional materials. Our team helps support the efforts to clean up our coasts by providing efficient and straightforward floating pumpout stations that can be used as a stand-alone float on a mooring or added to an existing dock system.


A standard pumpout is 10’x20’ with a 750 +/- gallon holding tank and a Keco® manual pump system. Other common sizes are 8’x20’ and 12’x24’ with tank sizes ranging from 500 – 1,000 gallons. Contact us for custom sizes and options.


Our pumpouts are typically stored on a mooring and come equipped with hardware to connect correctly. Having the pumpout in the mooring field makes it easier for boaters to access the facility and keeps shore-based floats free from vessels pumping out their holding tanks.

Grants Available to Assist with the Purchase of a Pumpout System

Yes, programs are available throughout the country which can assist with the purchase, installation, and management of a pumpout float system. Most notably, the Clean Vessel Act Grant Program offers grants to support the purchase of pumpout equipment and for pumpout services at qualifying locations. Pump out floats are approved for use with this particular grant program. Please let us know if you would like more information on the management of grant programs in your state. We are happy to help.

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