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1. Army Corps of Engineers Wicket GatesSpecialty Applications for Waterfront

With FRP composites becoming the material of choice for standard waterfront products like piles, sheet piling, and camels, the owners and engineers of waterfront structures are finding new applications where FRP provides the same great solution for corrosion resistance and long life. Often there are special performance requirements that the design flexibility of FRP is the critical feature to solving the problem.  

Starting with the performance requirements, CCG draws on its innovative experience to design, build, and test first-of-its-kind applications. Highlighting some of these applications show how CCG can deliver the right solution for your product or project.

CCG Specialty Applications

Wicket Gates

Wicket Gates

Wicket Gates are movable dams that can be raised and lowered during low water conditions. These gates have been constructed using wood and steel for over a century. The Army Corps of Engineers installed FRP wicket gates in the Illinois River to demonstrate the strength and longevity benefits of FRP over traditional materials. LEARN MORE >>

Trench Covers


Pier Trench Covers are just 25 percent of the weight of concrete covers and provide easy access to pier utilities while supporting concentrated loads from equipment and cranes.  LEARN MORE >>

Paddle Wheels


Paddle Wheel custom fabrication included a composite shaft and panels to match the customer specifications.

Lock & Sector Gates


Lock Gates and Sector Gates are an ideal FRP application by using large, high strength panels that can resist high water pressure loads while the lightweight reduces the cost of the machinery to move the gates.

Crush Blocks

frp crush block

Crush blocks serve as safety equipment at locks and dams. The floating blocks prevent vessels from injuring any person that falls in the water.

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