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Location: Portsmouth, VA

Project:  Craney Island Fuel Terminal

Product: Pipe Piles

Overview: The Center Mooring Fender is part of the US Navy Fuel Pier D replacement project at the Craney Island Fuel Terminal in Portsmouth, Virginia. Creative Pultrusions supplied 11 Superpiles for the project, each 16 inches in diameter and 95 feet long. In addition, after pile driving, a four-inch filament wound collar was added to each pile to create a stop for the HDPE sleeves. These sleeves were added to help with abrasion from ships during docking. Because there is no mechanical connection, the 20-foot long, 5-inch diameter sleeves are able to rotate freely around the piles while the smaller one-foot, four-inch collar is placed behind the u-bolt attached to the top of the concrete mooring structure. These 95-foot piles are the longest piles Creative Pultrusions has produced in its 40 years of manufacturing. SUPERPILE is manufactured with Supurtuf polyurethane resin and was chosen for this project based on their high energy absorption and corrosion resistance attributes.