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Headline: Fire Retardant FRP Utility Poles - Southern California

Location: Multiple Utility Companies in Southern California

Project: FireStrong Self-Extinguishing Utility Poles UL94 (V0)

Overview: CCG is working with multiple utilities in California to provide additional fire hardening and grid enhancement for their unique environment. California is considered the epicenter for fire events. Chaparral covers more than 14,000 square miles of the Golden State. When a standard wood utility pole is exposed to fire, it loses strength and has to be replaced. FireStrong poles don't have to be replaced if the temperature is below 400 ºF, maintaining grid reliability and uptime.

Benefits: Reducing the utility company’s cost of ownership - from installation to end of life. FireStrong utility poles can exceed 80 years with little to no maintenance. Engineered Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) outperforms wood, steel and concrete. FireStrong poles are impervious to chemicals, as well as woodpeckers and termites. FireStrong poles deliver superior durability and resiliency. FRP poles are sixty percent lighter than wood poles, save transportation costs and improve safety.