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Location: Peoria, Illinois

Project: Peoria Lock & Dam

Product: Wicket Gates

Overview: Wicket gates are essentially movable dams used to help maintain a navigational pool in a river. The gates are raised during periods of low water. Ninety-five percent of the dams managed by Army Corps of Engineers are more than 30 years old and more than half of these dams have exceeded their 50-year service life. 

High maintenance of these corroded wood and steel structures prompted USACE to look at alternatives - namely Fiber Reinforced Polymer composites. Composite Advantage fabricated award-winning FRP wicket gates which were installed in September 2015 at the Peoria Lock & Dam on the Illinois River. The gates are 16 feet long, 4 feet wide and 8 inches thick and fit with existing hardware and structures.

For more information on the CAMX 2017 Combined Strength Award, view the official entry or news release.