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Location: Wilmington, NC

Project: Masonboro Harbour seawall

Product: Sheet Piles

Overview: A complete composite sheet pile, waler, and cap system was used for long term performance in this seawall project. Other seawall products such as pvc, aluminum, concrete, and wood were rejected due to poor long term performance and durability. Soil conditions were medium dense sand and sandy clay. Exposure of the wall was approximately 9 feet.

Approximately 900 lineal feet of seawall using SUPERLOC Series 1560 Heavy Duty Fiberglass Composite Sheet Pile, SuperWale Fiberglass Waler, Light SuperCap Fiberglass Top Cap, Manta Ray earth anchors, Blue Marlin weep hole filters, and Plastic Hex Bolts/Nuts was installed. Sheets in both 19- and 22-foot lengths were used. Installation was completed with a vibratory compactor plate hung from an excavator stationed on a floating barge in the canal.