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Location: Chollas Creek, San Diego, CA

Project: United States Navy Pier

Product: Sheet Piles

Overview: Approximately 1,200 lineal feet of seawall using SUPERLOC Series 1540 Fiberglass Composite Sheet Pile, SuperWale Fiberglass Waler, and SuperRod Fiberglass Tie Rods and Dome Nuts was installed with water jet and vibratory equipment. The fiberglass sheet pile and walers, injection ports, and plastic lumber spacers were pre-assembled in panel sections on land and were lifted by aerial crane for assembly in front of a deteriorated concrete seawall. Upon assembly (interlocking the panels) and attachment of fiberglass threaded rod/nut into concrete wall/fiberglass sheet pile and waler, grout was injected into the port holes from the bottom upwards in lifts.

Soil conditions were medium dense sand. Exposure of the wall varied. Sheets lengths between five and 22 feet were used. A complete fiberglass composite sheet pile, waler, and tie rod were used for long term performance. Other seawall products were rejected due to poor long term performance and durability.