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Location: Portsmouth, NH & Kittery, ME

Project: Sarah Mildred Long Bridge Wind Fairings

Product: Custom molded wind fairings

Overview: Sarah Long Bridge was demolished and replaced to have a higher vertical clearance for ships to pass through on the Piscataqua River, have fewer piers for a better gateway span, and concrete towers that support the lift span.

Composite Advantage supplied custom molded wind fairings for both sides of the lift span, which stabilize the bridge during severe weather conditions. The lightweight L-shaped fairings were attached to the top and bottom of the lift span superstructure, which improved the aerodynamic performance of the bridge and eliminated any potential undesirable dynamic responses. Encasing pedestrian walkways, they also facilitated bridge inspection.

FRP material was the perfect choice for this project. The ability to be molded to the optimum shape and lightweight, necessary for lift bridges, was exactly what was needed to complete the new Sarah Long Bridge. The inherent corrosion resistance of FRP will ensure these wind fairings will have a very long life.