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Location: Brookfield, Vermont

Project: Sunset Lake

Product: Floating Bridge

Overview: Kenway completed the design, manufacture, and installation of the world’s only composite floating bridge! This 255×23-foot floating span sits on Sunset Lake in Brookfield, Vermont. The bridge consists of five foam-filled fiberglass rafts that support a timber deck and walkways designed for a 12-ton vehicle. The locals use the composite floating bridge for walking, driving, and even fishing.

One reason is its design life which is 100 years. Over the next century, generations of Brookfield residents and visitors will be using this floating bridge to enjoy their natural water resources. The choice in composite construction also saved the lake from dredging; the bridge draws only a few feet, as opposed to reinforced concrete that would have drawn three times that. Since the rafts are made of lightweight composites, the installation equipment requirements were minimal. The next time you are near Brookfield, please stop by and check out our accomplishment.

Watch Our Floating Bridge Fabrication Video