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Field-InstallationManufacturing complex FRP parts and structures in a factory takes smart thinking and good personnel, but shops are set up for success. Being in the field where the finished product is in use makes for a far more challenging environment to work in. Specialty tools that make life easier in the shop are not usually on hand at a work site. This is where our fabricators become innovators. Our technicians have the skills to do complicated jobs in settings such as limited space or time and limited protection from environmental factors.

Our Field Services team supports our FRP manufacturing capabilities with a full variety of field services for the Northeast and mid-Atlantic regions of the United States. Most of these services support equipment and facilities in industries using corrosive chemicals. The services include installation of new equipment and rehabilitation of worn or damaged equipment. These services range from mobilizing a two-person crew for a weekend emergency repair to managing a thirty-five (35) person maintenance outage with a range of installations, linings, and repairs.


Our approach to relining and repair is to restore the product back to OEM specifications or better. Better can mean many things including the utilization of the latest resins available from the best suppliers to adding additional corrosion barrier protection. Both result in longer service life. We have the personnel and equipment required to complete FRP field service projects on or ahead of schedule, under budget, and within the highest quality standards.

We understand that when equipment fails, an immediate response is necessary and that is why we offer emergency services. Our project management team and field service crews are available 24 hours-a-day/7 days-a-week for whenever you need emergency repairs completed. Whether piping, tanks, or other FRP equipment call on the Creative Composites Group for an immediate response.

Field Services

Chemical Storage Tank Installation & Tower Installation


The Creative Composites group specializes in the fabrication and onsite chemical storage tank installation of new and replacement tanks across the United States including chloralkali tank installation. We combine over 60 years of experience with engineering expertise in the design and fabrication of cost-effective heavy corrosion resistant tanks and vessels. LEARN MORE >>

Culvert Rehabilitation


Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) culvert rehabilitation is the latest composite highway infrastructure repair technology pioneered by our team. We design for steel culverts exceeding 3’0. Existing HDPE slip line methods and concrete invert liners come with extended installation schedules. LEARN MORE >>

Equipment Repair


Our field service crews specialize in high-quality rehabilitation of worn and corroded tanks, vessels, and equipment. We firmly believe that 100% hand lay-up installation provides the highest quality corrosion resistant laminates and the most extended possible service life. LEARN MORE >>

FRP Tank Lining


Our FRP tank lining is made using the best resin systems and reinforcements available. Depending on your project, we can replace tank linings in kind or enhanced for changes in service. LEARN MORE >>

Piling Wrap


Repair and protection of pilings and structures built with traditional materials (timber, steel, and concrete) is our specialty. Piles along waterfront areas tend to rot, rust, and spall. As a consequence, engineers and customers are increasingly using FRP to provide a long-term solution. LEARN MORE >>

Pulp Mill Repair


We provide a range of FRP manufacturing and pulp mill repair services specific to pulp mill washer systems. With over 50-years servicing the Pulp & Paper industry, our team possesses the experience to return aged and worn FRP equipment to OEM specifications or to provide cost-effective replacement alternatives. LEARN MORE >>

Wind Blade Repair


Wind blades are impressive structures, but they need occasional repairs. Given the expense of the structure and repair downtime, experienced repair service are critically important. LEARN MORE >>

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