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Smurfit-Stone-Montana-Brown-Stock-Hoods-040Pulp Mill Repair Services

We provide a range of FRP manufacturing and pulp mill repair services specific to pulp mill washer systems. With over 50-years of servicing the Pulp & Paper industry, our team possesses the experience to return aged and worn FRP equipment to OEM specifications or to provide cost-effective replacement alternatives.

We solve leaking washer and repulper vat problems by installing a monolithic FRP liner right over the existing one no matter what is made of. We can even fit the new lining right over tile, brick, or steel.

Manufactured Products Include:
  • Washer Hoods
  • Knotter Hoods
  • Shower Bars
  • Vacuum Relief Valves
  • Dampers
  • FRP Washer Drum Decking
Repair and Rebuild Services:
  • FRP Washer Drum Rebuilds (onsite and offsite)
  • Washer Hood Repairs & Modifications
  • End Valve Rebuilds
  • Shower Pipe Repairs

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