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Posted by Dustin Troutman on Mar 14, 2024


We hear it all the time. “They have a cheaper version.” They sure do. Here are three reasons why choosing CCG means buying much more than a product.

1. CCG products are made with the highest-quality, American-made materials.

Many people assume a higher price tag means the company is over-charging or that they use unnecessarily high-end materials. This is rarely true, but the opposite usually is: A cheaper product almost always uses low-end materials that can vary in quality and performance characteristics.

All CCG products are made with materials that have been extensively engineered and tested to produce the desired performance. Because our FRP is made in our U.S. facilities from over 90% U.S.-made raw materials, we know exactly what goes into our product and exactly how it’s made. We’ve brought potential customers to our facilities to see our production methods and learn more about the products directly on-site. An additional benefit to using American-made materials is a significant reduction in lead times and other supply chain concerns. We help you get exactly what you expect, every time, on time.

2. All CCG support comes from experts.

We’ve all called a company for support and struggled to communicate with an “automated customer service agent” or with a call center employee reading off an if/then script. It’s time-intensive, very frustrating and often doesn’t solve your problem.

When you purchase from CCG, your relationship with us has only just begun. We want to help ensure that your CCG product performs as expected for its entire life cycle. All customer service is handled by human CCG experts in our United States facilities. Many times, you’ll end up speaking to someone like me who helped design and test the very product you have installed. It would be like taking your tractor in for service and Mr. John Deere himself performed it.

3. CCG stands behind our products and keeps our promises.

As I said in a previous blog, we once received a call from a customer stating their bridge decking installation had failed. We attempted to locate their records to make it right, and the customer admitted they hadn’t purchased from CCG but from a company based in India. We explained that they needed to contact the Indian company for support, and the customer admitted that the Indian company had told them to call us!

This is the opposite of CCG. We have worked diligently to create super-resilient, durable FRP products that will stand the test of time, weather and use. If anything goes wrong, we’re on-site to remedy the issue usually within two business days. We don’t give you the runaround, and we don’t ghost you. We deliver on the promises we make when you trust us with your project.

Look Beyond Pricetag

The savvy buyer of any large piece of equipment knows that initial capital expense is only the smallest part of the picture. As an avid outdoorsman, I have plenty of tools and equipment referred to as “buy once, cry once.” The initial cost was high, but it has paid for itself many times over during a long useful life, and I’ve always gotten excellent customer service when I’ve needed it.

I’m proud to work for a company like CCG that holds these same values. We have thousands of customers who are living proof that CCG’s quality is well worth it. Contact us to discuss your project or to arrange to speak to a satisfied CCG customer.

Dustin Troutman

AboutDustin Troutman

Dustin is the Chief Sales Officer for the Creative Composites Group. He earned his Civil Engineering degree in 1993 and spent the early part of his career in heavy construction. Dustin has been with Creative for 25 years and continues to be instrumental in the market investigation and development of major pultrusion products and product lines associated with civil/structural applications, holding four patents related to pultruded systems. He is a key player in the development of codes and standards in support of the FRP pultrusion industry.

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