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Posted by Composite Advantage on Feb 15, 2021

Tank-Cover-Panel-Infusion-029.web_Kenway Composites has been open contact molding for over 60 years. Our open molding expertise enables us to build corrosion-resistant components for many challenging applications in multiple industries. Kenway designs optimum solutions using all methods of open contact molding, including hand lay-up and filament winding. We control resin content throughout the part which is critical for these applications. Kenway filament winds cylindrical shapes for small to large quantities. Hand lay-up allows for a diverse range of shapes and sizes at small to medium quantities.

Over the last 16 years, we added vacuum infused closed molding as expertise. We infuse basic flat panels and simple shapes as well as complex geometric parts and complicated cored panels. Kenway’s long background in heavy industrial corrosion resistant products combined with our technical strength allows us to infuse parts for the most challenging applications.

Offering a range of molding processes ensures that we provide the proper solution for your application.

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