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Posted by Scott Reeve on May 2, 2024

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Consumers have many options when selecting a composites manufacturer. Creative Composites Group (CCG) is among these manufacturers but is leading the composites industry beyond just suppling parts and products. 

Both independently and in conjunction with trade organizations, CCG provides composites training and education that is as strong, reliable and expert-led as our Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) composite products. CCG has invested its time and expertise into creating training content available to any industry professional – not just our customers. We don’t just want to sell you FRP; we want to help you learn to work with it, maintain it and repair it when the unexpected happens. 

Utility Pole Training

As one of the three main composite utility pole manufacturers, CCG has deep knowledge and field expertise that helps utility companies determine whether FRP poles are a suitable option for their critical electric grid. And maybe more importantly, we know the questions line workers and installers have when using a new technology and can clearly share the answers.

Composite utility poles are, in many ways, simpler than steel and concrete poles, but it’s its own material that must be respected. That’s why our utility pole team spends hours each month talking with utility companies and out in the field, training line workers. We love teaching line workers how to use this material and sharing its advantages – like being lightweight enough to be rolled with a foot, rather than a cant hook.

To make our fiberglass utility pole expertise available to more people, CCG created a Utility How-To Series of videos. These bite-sized tutorials are available to anyone with access to YouTube and demonstrate everything from drilling bracket holes to attaching ground wire clips and more.

Trade Association Training

As we said in a previous blog, central to our success has been investing in professional organizations and participating in committees to create composite material standards. CCG belongs to many professional organizations including the American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA), and many members of our staff serve on boards and committees in these professional organizations. These organizations aren’t just gatherings of like-minded professionals; they are also dedicated to research, education and putting composites on the same level with traditional materials.

By creating the same codes, standards and specifications for FRP that conventional materials that wood, concrete and steel have, engineers have what they need to design and specify FRP. These standards are what allowed the United State Army Corps of Engineers® to conduct many tests on FRP materials. After successful studies like the “Demonstration of Three Corrosion-Resistant Sustainable Roofing Systems” for the Department of Defense, which evaluated how much new roofing system technologies can close the lifecycle gap between buildings and roofing systems, the Army Corps found that FRP has a major ROI due to its resistance to degradation in harsh environments. The Army Corps has now begun a large-scale adoption of FRP infrastructural products.

It is important to note that a government organization like the Army Corps will never enter a special relationship with a single supplier, as taxpayer-funded organizations should never rely on a single materials partner. But they may learn from anyone they choose.

Our investments of time and expertise have established CCG as a trusted and expert teacher for all, including the Army Corps. They’ve decided to integrate FRP materials, but now they need education and training to increase the comfort of working with a comparatively new material. In conjunction with the ACMA, CCG hosted a three-day training at our Dayton facility.

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The first day and a half was led by the ACMA, who walked the Army Corps engineers through a “Composites 101” type of course.


CCG took over for the second half of the event. Our experts didn’t just teach the engineers and installation professionals how composites were made; we showed them the manufacturing details happening in our facility. We didn’t just explain how to repair FRP; we asked them to purposely damage parts and then conducted hands-on molding and repair exercises.

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Serving Our Industry

This event didn’t earn us even a dollar in direct FRP sales, and that wasn’t the purpose. Our purpose is to continue serving our industry, not just with an outstanding FRP product, but also contributing our time and expertise to strengthening grids, shoring-up waterfronts, improving HVAC efficiency, speeding bridge installs and more.

Creative Composites Group is proud to create FRP materials made with 99%+ American-made materials and to lead the way in educating industry professionals on adopting and servicing this durable, reliable material. Contact us today to find out more about training opportunities or to discuss your current projects.

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