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Posted by Cassandra Smith on Nov 27, 2019

TurkeyThanksgiving is a beautiful, colorful and vibrant time of year. There is much to be thankful for, between the crisp smell of leaves  to our cherished time with our loved ones. Whether you have a Thanksgiving or a Friendsgiving, the year is winding down, and hopefully your stresses are too.  Between the food, shopping, parades, traveling, church-affiliated activities, remember what you are thankful for. From all of us at Composite Advantage, we are thankful for you. Have a fun and safe holiday filled with laughter, love, and pumpkin pie. (and watch out for those Black Friday shoppers!)

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Cassandra Smith

AboutCassandra Smith

Cassandra Smith a fifth year at the University of Dayton, and is currently the Marketing intern at Composite Advantage. She is pursuing a double major in Business Administration, with a concentration in Marketing, as well as a degree in Graphic Design. She has had previous hands on sales experience and vast interaction with different customers. She also has designed Graphic Design related projects for several local clients.

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