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Posted by Brandon Weyant on Jun 19, 2020

Wolfes Pond Park Bridge

When a person crosses a stream, they are happy to have a bridge. To the bridge owner, the details are essential. Fiberglass bridges mean long life and virtually no maintenance costs.

An I-Beam style bridge is a perfect solution to any small spanning crossing. I-Beam bridges can be designed for single free-standing spans up to 25’ and widths up to 16’. Very similar to a boardwalk, the I-Beam style bridge is composed of the same FRP members that make up our long span, truss-style bridge, minus the truss structure. This allows for considerable cost savings compared to a truss-style bridge in a short span. 

I-Beam style bridges also come with a variety of options that allows for customization. Brackets can be added to the bottom of the structure to accommodate handrailing up to 54” in height. If handrailing is not needed, then 3” wooden curb mounts can be used. I-Beam styled bridges can be designed to accommodate equestrian loads as well as light utility vehicles up to 2,000 lbs.


The I-Beam style bridge can be designed to the AASHTO code or IBC and can accommodate most snow loads. I-Beam style bridges can be equipped with standard 3”x12’ Southern yellow pine decking or our FRP planking options for customers wanting a decking system that will have virtually zero maintenance and last the life of the bridge.

Customers appreciate the cost savings associated with I-Beam style bridges compared to a truss-style counterpart. Assembly with the I-Beam structure is truly amazing. Most I-Beam bridges can be installed in less than a day and require no heavy machinery to assemble. Lightweight components make transportation of materials a breeze, with the most massive member being under 100 lbs. I-Beam style bridges can come shipped partially assembled to make assembly even faster.

I-Beam style bridges have been utilized in a range of settings. From local parks to large trail systems and even residential sites, the I-Beam style bridge can be used in any situation that requires a small spanning walkway solution.

Brandon Weyant

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Brandon Weyant is the sales representative for Access Structures. He works with a variety of different customers to provide customizable bridge, boardwalk, and FRP decking solutions.

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