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Posted by Greg McCoy on Oct 29, 2021

beach-access-walkway-projectStructures fabricated from FRP composites provide lower lifetime costs. Traditionally, engineers design a structural project using materials such as wood, steel, or aluminum. While these materials meet performance and safety objectives, the structures can become very susceptible to damage and degradation over time. This gets pretty pricey to replace and now exceeds the price of using FRP initially. Recently, more engineers have been switching to fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) for their structural projects.

All construction materials have their place, but the attributes of FRP composites make the material ideal for many applications. FRP is lightweight, high strength, corrosion-resistant to chemicals, non-conductive, long-lasting, and maintenance-free! Not only does FRP eliminate future corrosion problems, but it also reduces the installation weight of the structure when compared to traditional construction materials.

For cost-effective construction, engineers and contractors need to have all the smaller component pieces ready to be assembled before installing their new creation. The Creative Composites Group (CCG) manufactures those structural building blocks for both standard and custom designs. Our team can help select the right combination of FRP shapes and profiles to create anything from ladders and safety cages to stairs, walkways, and mezzanines. We help our customers identify design requirements for each structure based on governing codes and standards relevant to your industry, application, and specific requirements.

Our FRP products are used to create cost-effective, high-performance structures for various industries, including architecture, construction, chemical processing, mass transit, marine infrastructure, and pulp and paper processing. You can easily incorporate our extensive selection of structural shapes and profiles into your next design. We have standard designs available, but we can create a custom structure for you. Additionally, our team can design and build a prefabricated system to your performance requirements and deliver the structure to the worksite for time-efficient installation.

Contact us for assistance on your next structural project!

Topics: FRP Composites, structural fabrication

Greg McCoy

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Greg McCoy is the Director of Sales for Creative Composites Group. He manages the sales team and develops long-term sales goals for the group. Greg also works closely with clients to solve problems that cannot be solved with conventional materials.

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