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Posted by Nicholas Slagter on Jan 17, 2018


Sara Lee Arnovitz Nature Preserve is a beautiful park filled with many different types of plants and wildlife, located in Xenia, OH. This park is best known for its 42 acres of wetlands, complete with a boardwalk trail. Diverse groups, ranging from elementary school children to seniors, walk the trails to take in the beauty of the park and learn about the different creatures that call it home. However, in early 2017 a severe storm destroyed two bridges on the trail, making portions of it unusable. The old bridges were made out of a combination of wood decking and railing and steel supports, as shown below.


The destruction of the wooden bridge led owner Greene County to look for longer lasting options, capable of handling storms and other extreme scenarios. They turned to Composite Advantage and our FiberSPAN trail bridges, and are glad they did.

sara lee 2.jpg

Per Greene County specifications, we produced two 45’x7’ FiberSPAN trail bridges using our new standard model, making delivery and installation simpler and faster. This saved on staffing time and trail closures. Also, the job required only two small mini excavators: The front excavator led the bridge down the long winding trail to the river, and the second carried the weight on the back end. The result? Both bridges were installed in less than a week.

After the two bridges were installed, Greene County liked the work so much they ordered a third bridge. Composite Advantage looks forward to installing the third bridge to help spruce up these lovely trails with another safe, zero maintenance, aesthetically pleasing bridge.

sara lee 3.jpg

 trail bridge lookbook


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