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    Sep 24, 2020

    The “Slab vs Double Tee” Question

    Slab or double tee? If you are considering replacing your deteriorated rail platform or constructing a new one with fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) rail platforms, it’s a good question. Composite Advantage FRP rail platforms are...

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    Topics: Rail Platforms, double tee, frp slab

    Sep 3, 2020

    Fast Tracking Your Rail Platform

    Fast installation has become the catchphrase that captures people’s attention when we talk to customers about choosing a FiberSPAN rail platform. But I have to back up for a minute and tell you that it also takes time for new...

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    Topics: Rail Platforms, FRP, double tee

    Aug 14, 2019

    The Advantages of Tee Rail Platforms

    At Composite Advantage, our vision is for Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) materials to have the same acceptance for construction as the traditional materials of steel, concrete and wood. We believe that quality should never be...

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    Topics: Rail Platforms, rail, FRP Rail Platforms, FRP, Tee Stiffened Panels, double tee

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