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11 Walking view (1)Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Decking is the Advanced Material of Choice for all Types of Bridges

Structural FRP bridges have many advantages over other bridge types because they are resilient, versatile and long-lasting. With the design flexibility of engineered FRP composites, we can fabricate deck systems to meet any loading and geometry requirements. Maximum structural capacity is made possible with unique continuous fiber reinforcements that deliver performance metrics superior to those of other composite products on the market.

Owners and users can enjoy the benefits of FRP decking whether the product is used on a small park bridge or a large vehicle bridge in a high traffic area.

Composite FRP Bridge Deck Advantages Include:

  • Lightweight Construction. An FRP deck is 80 percent lighter than a reinforced-concrete structure. FRP’s weight reduction reduces strain on the bridge’s structure and makes installation easy, fast, and affordable.
  • Design Flexibility. FRP can be engineered with ideal structural properties to handle almost any load. We also offer our FRP material in customizable panels, which makes easy installation possible regardless of a bridge’s shape or size.
  • Safe Walking/Driving Surface. Our polymer aggregate overlays are non-slip; can withstand snow plows and come in many colors.
  • Corrosion-Resistant. FRP surfaces resist degradation from all common corrosive and abrasive influences including deicing chemicals and UV exposure.
  • Maintenance-Free. Because FRP is corrosion resistant, the material has a substantially longer working life than wood and concrete decking. You can expect your FRP deck to last at least 75 years with minimal maintenance.
  • Life Cycle Cost Savings. The ability to virtually eliminate maintenance also comes with a financial incentive.   Labor and material cost savings gleaned from zero service make FRP the right choice for any project.

Our innovative designs take full advantage of FRP’s capability to handle any load and bridge geometry requirements. 

Prefabricated panels can incorporate a number of functional features including:

  • Curbs
  • Crowns or cross-slopes
  • Railing attachments
  • Drainage scuppers
  • Attachments for lights, signs, benches, and equipment
  • Expansion joints

Bridge Decking Product Lines:

Cantilever Sidewalks


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Pedestrian Bridge Decking

11. Looking East (1)

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Vehicle Bridge Decking

Composite Advantage_MG_3524-1

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