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Posted by Jay Harris on Sep 30, 2021

At more than 1.4 million square feet, the Utility Expo is one of the largest trade shows to feature the latest utility technology and products. On this enormous stage, composites continue to show visitors and experts alike that not all materials are created equal. From structural strength to superior dielectric strength, composite materials, such as Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP), are becoming recognized by the utility industry for their unique engineering benefits.


Calling all Grid Engineers FRP is at the Expo!

More futuristic designs will continue to replace older engineering paradigms by using engineered composite materials like FRP. Fiber reinforced composites are better suited to high-demand applications and showcase many benefits, including lower lifetime cost-of-product and lower labor cost for installation and maintenance. Rethinking traditional materials for infrastructure has been a mandate from many of our customers and is at the heart of how CCG engineers approach new projects.


As modern infrastructure evolves, the utility sector is becoming a crucial area for innovation and continues to be tested in terms of reliability and resiliency. In addition, grid engineering is becoming more critical as storms and fires affect the growing number of transmission lines installed each year. As utility companies look to navigate future potential storm damage and the risks of fire damage to utility poles, FRP composites can provide more protective solutions since FRP proves to withstand some of the most extreme environments.

This year at the Utility Expo, we are showcasing our new composite fire-resistant pole sleeves, which companies can add to the base of FRP utility poles to shield them from the excessive heat generated by typical brush/grass fires. Our new sleeves are designed to help utility poles maintain structural integrity after a fire so that the poles can remain in service. In addition to utility poles and fire-retardant sleeves, CCG also produces FRP distribution and transmission poles, light poles, cross arms and custom OEM products. Contact us today to find out more about our products, engineering approach and manufacturing capabilities.

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Jay Harris

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Jay Harris is the Director of Marketing for the Creative Composites Group. He leads brand communications for all FRP products. He supports sales and marketing efforts for key industries including: Waterfront Infrastructure, Utilities Infrastructure, Bridge Infrastructure, Rail Infrastructure, Cooling Towers, Industrial Applications and OEM.

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